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Dark Nights

A few nights ago I had a dream,

The land was barren, cold, and dry.

There were trees with no leaves,

Lifeless, scattered, as if they were left to die

Looked as if I was in a pit, dark, gloomy, and murky

Tips of the rocks burned bright red, hot, molten like lava

I looked to my left and looked to my right, nothing but darkness in my sight

I began to panic, fear, and fret, but then a whisper

A soft voice, chills ran down my neck

“Be not afraid, for I am with you”

Words of encouragement filled with room

Messages of hope in the final hours of what I thought to be doom

For in the barren place lost and alone

My guides came to the rescue, like a savior drone

Into the pit, they came to rescue me

I jumped out like a lion, and unto my feet

I ran into the light and followed the path

Headed for the Land of Milk and Honey

While the angels continue to fight on my behalf

The journey is not over, for only this battle was won

I’ll live to tell the story, my tales have just begun

It all began with a wish, a hope, and a dream

No clue where to begin, it all seemed

So far fetched, not a girl like me?

I am not equipped for this, you must be mistaken you see

But God doesn't make mistakes,

Everything happens by fate

It is destined and aligned,

It has always been through time

Little by little, and everyday

We must have faith to continue to stay

Stay still and be patient, watch Him work

You will be in awe and your foes will lurk

How did you overcome it? We thought you were defeated

Never will I fail, for he is my guide

I must continue to trust, I am down for the ride.

When the nights become dark and I cannot breathe

When anger and tears suffocate me

I cry to you and you hear my plea

You take me out of my sea of misery

Where I feast and eat, among the Kings and Queens

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