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...And So She Did

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Why do I Write?

Writing allows me to connect within. Morph into another world, make reality my own where I am in control. In real life, there is no control. We can’t pick and chose the outcomes of our actions. In writing, I can create my own world. I am the mastermind behind the production, I see the vision.

I am here to share my love of words with you.

So She Did

She climbed high, like wonder woman. She didn’t take no for an answer. She was quiet, she knew her place. She let her power fight and her light shine, she didn’t have to speak, for He did all the talking. She will soar, she will rise above, because she believes.

She believed she could so she did. She knew that nothing could stop her because her Defender fought alongside her. The angels guided her calloused eyes. She carried her Sword of Scripture and Armor of Courage. She stood among the giants, His presence gentle, subtle, deep within.

Butterflies flooded to the sky, in celebration of her deed. She has made it to The Kingdom, the Land of Milk and Honey. She has conquered her enemies. She has grown into her wings. She did not let her past hold her down. She forgave and chose love. She forgives and chooses love.

The rage in her belly ceased with the sweet nectar of The Word. Knowledge and wisdom made way in her thoughts and lifestyles. Mamas dearest lessons molding her framework, the soles of her feet planted firmly in the Spirit, she continues to soar, higher than ever before.

Photographed by SmittyVibe Photography

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