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Sammie The Turtle

Meet Sammie. Sammie the Sea Turtle.

Looking forward to his future, he has no idea what is to come.

However, he was determined.

He is ready to tackle the biggest waves and fight the deadliest of storms. He has his heart set on the great ocean.

Sammie yearns to be home among his own. With other sea creatures, living in the great big ocean.

Sammie wants to be surrounded by his community, surrounded in love. The sandy beach was nice, but there is no place like home.

Coming alive from a cracked shell, Sammie breathes a breath of fresh air.

A new creation has been birthed.

Sammie’s mother whispered gentle songs in his heart. She prepared him for the day he would leave his nest, and take on the quest.

Wading into the currents, Sammie did not succumb to his fears. He rode the waves, and let the currents guide his path. For he does not know what lies ahead, but he allows the earth’s pull of the waves to guide his way home.

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