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Sandy the She-Horse

Riding in the ocean, wearing her medallion of honor.

Clothed in her golden cloak, symbolizing honesty and reign.

A powerful she-horse, like a stallion, she stands tall. She is warm like a light.

Wise beyond her years, she studies the works of the leaders before her.

Sandy had to be stealth, for the odds were against her. Woman she-horses had no power in the sea, yet she was ordained, this was her calling.

They knew her power, humbled by her authority, they respected her position. A mighty warrior she is indeed.

Sandy directed the people of the sea. Making sure there was order and discipline. She fought for the injustices of the krill. She ate with the shrimp of the sea. She was among the very sea critters thought of as “easy prey”. Sandy didn’t care for labels, it only mattered what was within.

Sandy was gifted, her golden cloak gave her powers. She could see the truth, uncover the lies. The truth shall set you free.

She was devoted, hard-working, a natural-born leader. Sandy gave order to the people of the sea.

They trusted her words, she spoke from knowledge and understanding. Keeping her ocean clean and building a strong community was her mission.

Wanting her sea friends to thrive, be the voice for the unheard.

They respected their leader, they entrusted her, for she was a mighty she-horse warrior.

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