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The Mighty Cup

A Tale. The story of. The Mighty Cup!

“Red. Red Solo is the name.

Yes, I'm a cup, but not just any cup. A mighty cup.

Why am I so mighty you may ask?

I am sturdy, and I am always there! At your parties, having the time of your lives. You can count on me!

I'm bright, I'm red. My name is Red.

Everyone knows me, knows my talents, knows what I can do. I am irreplaceable. Even when you try to hang out with my pal Stryo-foam or paper cup, you just miss me. Quality over quantity baby.

I'm also caring, so be kind after you use me. Think about your mothers, and mothers always say “Clean your mess!”

Mother earth is telling you to clean house by recycling The Mighty Cup! So I can keep on being mighty. Mighty Red Solo.”

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