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Past Lessons and Future Blessings


The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement is a protest, a call to action advocating for racial and social injustice against black lives. The PROUD BOYS storming the Capitol and destroying property, making a mockery of the State, was an act of terrorism, a group of individuals displeased with the outcome of our Democratic power. It was deplorable, and further proves the injustice that black/brown lives face as the outcome of both situations ended very differently. I stand for black lives and I will always advocate for BLACK LIVES.

And now back to regularly scheduled programming…

We are starting this year off on a high note! Despite the past and current chaos, 2020 taught some important themes:

💎 Expect the unexpected.

💎 Go with the flow, don't force anything.

💎 Be authentic. Be truthful. Speak up.

💎 Go after your dreams.

💎 You have your whole life ahead of you, so slow down (note to self).

💎 Be courageous. Put yourself out there. Dare to do the impossible.

💎 Rest when you need to.

💎 Listen to yourself, your intuition, your inner being, it will never steer you wrong.

💎 Put your faith in God.

💎 It's okay to go back if it will help you move forward.

💎 Live for today, but think about tomorrow.

💎 Blessings are found in the rut, so appreciate your falls, because they prepare you for what's to come.

💎 You wouldn't be able to truly appreciate the good without the bad, so embrace the bad.

💎 Live in the moment. There is a reason for your season.

Moving forward, I want to apply these lessons learned going into 2021.

I encourage you all to proclaim 2021 as your year of victory! No matter the cost. Go after everything you lost. Relentlessly! Show the enemy you will not back down in the face of adversity but will rise even stronger and even more dedicated.

You made it to a new year. You are embarking on new adventures, continuing seasoned ones, sharpening your crafts, growing your businesses amidst a pandemic. You are learning to communicate with family and loved ones more effectively, navigating a new digital age. There is so much to be thankful for, stop, and smell the roses.

It's human nature to worry and fret and focus on the hardships that are right in our face. It is honestly the enemy's best tactic, bombarding us with challenges in life so we doubt God and the miracles He can perform in our life. But the gag is, God knows the enemy's strategy, and He uses that very doubt to show us His wonders.

Imagine that… someone working that hard to keep us down must be trying to keep us from the real treasures? Must know there are riches on the other side, but since they can’t receive it, neither can we.

Don’t fall for the facade of what things may look like. There is a reason for your season, so appreciate the good that you do have. Write down what you are grateful for and repeat them to yourself. Condition your mind to break from bad habits of sulking into negativity and focus on the positive. Another day, a new chance at life, be thankful for the support you do have and the blessings you take for granted.

2021 may not look like your year (yet) but if you believe, it will be!

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