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Sea Turtle

Meet Sammie. Sammie is a Sea Turtle.


Sammie is on a mission, to leave his beach nest and start his sea quest.

 He is scared, but he is prepared.


Going to fight the large ocean waves...

"I'm Ready" Sammie shouted.


...his heart set on the great BIG ocean!

Samie thought his nest on the sandy beach was nice,

but it was time for him to go far and beyond.

To be with his sea family and friends

Full of love and happiness.

Sammie took a deep breath and his first steps.

Making his journey home.

Sammie couldn't wait to reunite with his mommy!

She would be waiting for him.

She knew that one day, Sammie would be on his way.

Leave the beach nest, and take on his sea quest.

All together again deep in the blue sea.

Sammie the Sea Turtle has no fear

kicking his turtle fins in high-gear

Sammie the Sea Turtle was brave

out n the ocean, riding the waves.

Sammie then swam deep, starting to see his peeps

where all the other sea creatures lived

They danced and played, gave Sammie a big embrace

Sammie settled into his new sea throne

Finally where he belonged, in his sea home. 

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