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Rosie Recommends offers features for authors and writers! Let's support one another in the writing community by checking out some of these great reads. 

Hiss, Rattle, and Bite


Genre: Fiction / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Vampires / Short Story 

Official Release Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Price: $0.99

Book Blurb:


Pick a master and serve. 

Serve them well and die. 


Marigold wants to die the right way. 

She wants a transformative bite from her master. 


Vampires have it all: 

the statuesque look, the immortal life, and the power to enchant others. 

All she has is debt, a distracted boyfriend, and a desire to be more than human. 


When unwanted holiday gifts are exchanged between two master vampires, 

Marigold’s wish might come true if she can survive until dawn. 


A perfectly sized introduction into the new paranormal worlds created by urban fantasy and paranormal romance author Azaaa Davis. 


Start reading Hiss, Rattle and Bite today for a satisfying bite!

Meet The Author

Azaaa Davis

Author Portrait Outdoors.jpg

    1. What is your purpose as a writer?

A: write to entertain and inspire readers of fantasy books. As a former avid reader and book nerd, I write the stories I want to read. The only thing missing from the hundreds of books I would read as a young adult was people that looked like me in the leading role. So here I am as an adult writing about women of color in new paranormal worlds going on adventures and experiencing romance. 


     2.  If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? 

A: A cat. I’ve owned pet cats while growing up and I’m fond of their independence and sometimes royal mannerisms.


    3. What was your mindset during writing your featured piece? What message or takeaway points do you want your readers to grasp?

A: Hiss, Rattle and Bite (HRB) is a vampire urban fantasy novelette. It's a standalone short story about a vampire servant with a satisfying ending. Themes about grief, redemption, and aspirations are woven into a fun, dark fantasy tale. I wrote it to help fantasy readers feel transported to a new paranormal world and indulge in some escapism during the altered 2020 holiday season. 


    4. When you are not writing, what are you most likely to be found doing?

A: I spend my days raising my two little ones as so I am most often found sitting on the floor playing pretend, reading and offering cuddles. I also enjoy being outdoorsy and appreciate that New Hampshire has an abundance of natural beauty and parks to explore. 


    5. Where can your book be purchased/ Where can your published works be viewed?  How can readers connect with you?

A: Now that you know my name, you will find me everywhere authors and bookish people hang out! 

The City of Mon Bay: Series Book 1 & 2

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In The City of Mon Bay, many sleep, but others, don't need to. This city is filled with creatures who will always keep you on your toes. Join us as we explore. Lies, obstacles, love and a little spice, makes The city of Mon Bay the perfect place for supernatural things to happen. 


The Contract: Ariana Lennox thought that her day would be like any other. Even though it was her 26th birthday, she just wanted a normal day. One spent at the hospital, saving lives and then relaxing peaceful in her quiet home. Boy, was she wrong. Luca Star set his sights on Ariana 10 years ago and now he's coming to collect what he feels is his, but Ariana puts up more of a fight then any woman he's ever been interested in. Luca is intrigued by such a "gift". After a full week of persistence, she finally agrees to going on ONE date with him. Star's brighten and sparks fly as their relationship increases but when another threatens Ariana's very existent, will Luca be able to save her? Lies, hearts and fists clash in this sexy paranormal story. 


Her Alpha: Loner Werewolf shifter Amy Fitz, is content with her life. Nurse by day, and shifter by night, she thought everything in her life was perfect, and supernatural free. Until she meets Brent Grant. The "Oh so gorgeous" Alpha of the Mon Bay pack. When she saw him, she knew she was in trouble, with a capital T. Brent knew from the moment he saw her, she was destined to be with him. His mate. Amy wants nothing to do with shifters or the supernatural world. Brent is determined to make her see that she belongs with him, but when his interest in her draws demons from her past out of the shadows, they both have to decide whether to fight or to run away. Will Amy be able to let go of the past and look to the future? Does Brent have what it takes to love Amy out of the shackles of her past?  

Meet The Author

A.m. Gilliam


1. What is your purpose as a writer? 

A: To speak on important topics while giving readers a heartfelt, loving romance novel that is real. 


2. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? 

A: I would be a white tiger because they are unique in this world. They stand out even amongst their own species. I can relate to that 100%. 


3. What was your mindset while writing your book? What message or takeaway points do you want your readers to grasp? 

A: My mindset while writing The City of Mon Bay Series Books 1 & 2 was to give a normal paranormal romance tale, a bit of a reality check. Most paranormal romances are extremely close to fantasy and most aren't realistic, or relatable. I wanted to change it up a bit, and give readers something that was paranormal, but in different ways. There are some social issues that are touched on in this series book. I hope most people get them.


4. When you are not writing, what are you most likely to be found doing? 

A: Spending time with my daughter/husband or working my hand painted/custom home decor business :)


5. Where can your book be purchased/ Where can your published works be viewed? How can readers connect with you?

A: Readers can purchase any of my novel ebooks and/or paperbacks on Amazon. Paperback copies can be purchased on Etsy at a discounted rate.

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