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You Are Worthy

Love yourself. Seek your own value and worth first.

Don't let the false sense of poor self-image make you feel like you are unworthy of love. When seeking love, seek to love yourself first. Learn to love the broken parts you hide away from the world. Learn to love the parts you wish you could change. Learn to love you just the way you are unapologetically, seeking love first from you.

Comparison is the thief of joy! Remember, social media and anything on the internet is highlight reels of what people WANT you to see. Keep that in mind when you try to build-a-life or build-a-body based on others, you lack in loving yourself. Self-improvement, better known as “growth” is important. You can gain new skills and grow in wisdom through experiences, but you don't have to do it the way someone else does, and you certainly don’t have to look like them while doing it.

Our own journey is unique, a path paved specifically for one. It's up to you to find that pathway, to discover that journey, and keep pushing ahead. Never settle for an okay thing, if you believe you deserve more, then you will get just that.

See yourself in light and abundance and you will attract just that.

His promises never come back void.

Open your minds to the endless possibilities. Don't allow fear to hinder your faith.

No matter what anyone tells you, never dim your light; if they can not adjust then they can leave. Never stop being who you are for the sake of others.

You are worthy, just the way you are!

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