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What is your Mindset?

What is your Mindset?

Written by Rosie Basquin

Over the years the Lord has tried to teach me patience, and how to have patience, and every day is a constant struggle. I am all for instant gratification! I feel like a toddler throwing a fit when I don’t get what I want.

You know that phrase, “I always get what I want”? Yeah. I definitely have that mindset.

Not in the snobby-rich-kid-spoiled kind of way, but in the I-work-hard-and-I-know-what-I- want-will-stop-at-nothing-to-get-it kind of way.

Has that mindset got me in trouble a few times? Most definitely, more than I can count! And I never learn! It’s the go-getter in me. It’s the hyperactive kid that can't stay still in me. I know that eventually if I keep pressing, I am going to get my yes. I will knock countless doors, climb whatever mountains, stoop to the deepest trenches until I get whatever I am searching for. Trust me, ask those around me, they know!

Remember when we were little and used to say “I can't wait till I'm older!” and our parents said “What's the rush? Enjoy your childhood!” And we would roll our eyes and think they just don't understand… Now look at us, adulting and miserable, wondering why our parents would ever put us on this earth to pay rent and buy overpriced groceries. Now we fully can understand why they said “don't rush''.

Amidst this whole COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to take a break! TO EVERY ESSENTIAL WORKER, THANK YOU! Schools have been closed, social meeting places sworn off, no close human contact, families losing loved ones. It has been tragedy and chaos as the world fears for what is to come. However, not all chaos is bad. I believe that this period where everyone is confined in their cubicles is the time to really hone in and spend time with those who are important to us. There is good that comes in that, we are all so busy with our everyday life we never just slow down.

Time and time again we miss the important lesson during the wait. We’re wanting to rush through the period, demanding everything opens back up so we can be instantly gratified getting everything we want. The busy day to day life is all a distraction, and with the world on stop, it has put a lot into perspective.

During this season, many of us are forced to wait for a miracle. Whether that be if you will return to work? Will you get the kids out of your hair? Will you be able to visit loved ones soon without putting yourself at risk?

Take in this season of uncertainty for what it is and change your mindset. Perception is reality, and perhaps this disruption to your flow is a breeding ground of freshly fertilized soil, ready for new seeds to be planted and new roots to grow. Is this time of unsureness really the moment you’ve been waiting for? Where your breakthrough will occur? What are you sowing in your new garden? What fruit will you produce after COVID-19? How many future generations can you feed with your crop?

I say all that to say, what is your mindset in this season? Try to find your silver lining! How has staying home during COVID-19 significantly impacted you? Maybe closer to your loved ones, finally having time to get those house chores complete, maybe rekindling the spark of a long term marriage? There is good that comes from what we perceive to be “bad” when in actuality it is a blessing in disguise. The older I get and the more I learn, the mindset you have is essential in bringing you peace. Be grounded in the mindset of victory and peace, and you can never lose.

Stay strong folks, the storm is almost over!

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