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I can be the first to admit that I am not perfect. I have so much personal growth to do and to continue doing.

Unfortunately, the course of life cannot be taught in one day. The course of life is taught throughout the COURSE of life, meaning it is never-ending. There is always a new lesson, a new struggle, a new issue that you never encountered before. There is always something, and it feels never-ending. I feel weighed down by that thought. Like dang God, something else, again? I didn’t learn this lesson already? Why me? I begin to feel defeated.

Then it hit me, a revelation, and I want to share the word with you all. You are not alone! We as human beings are collectively going through our course of life struggling to figure out our way, no matter how perfect one's life may seem.

I want to also tell you to not be discouraged or weighed down by the pressures of life. It is supposed to be full of mystery, full of surprises. You need to grab a hold onto your life by the coattails and embrace all that it has to offer, the good and the bad. Of course, easier said than done cause when the bad comes, boy does it come. However, no one can say they were in a bad situation and it didn’t mold them and change them for the better in the long run. Yes, it sucked, but bad times are necessary; otherwise, life would be boring if it was always rainbows and sunshine and trust me humans don't like boring, (hence everyone losing their minds during COVID-19) You will never know what's next, life is full of surprises, so how else to handle that other than to embrace it?!

I say all that to say this, don't stress yourself out like I do trying to figure out why life didn't go this way, or you didn't advance in this career like you wanted, or you didn't end up with that person. There is a reason for everything, and instead of trying to rationalize every move you make in your head, oftentimes it’s best to let go and leave it up to the Master. It comes down to the simple fact that we have a Father in Heaven, who knows us, knows every part about us, like literally EVERYTHING. He knows our dirty thoughts, hidden secrets, genuine intentions, and he still continues to show up in our lives time and time again. Whether you give him credit or not, you are not doing life alone.

God has a funny way of playing out your life and getting you to do things you never thought you would, so just trust that. Don’t question the next move or try to figure out why, in due time if it's meant to be you will get your answer. One day at a time, one step at a time. The why’s and how’s is what gets us down in self-pity. Comparison of your life to others just steals your joy. If God has a plan for them, why wouldn't he have one for you? If God didn't do what he did when he did it, you wouldn't do what you did, and you wouldn't be where he needed you to be.

How am I so sure? He has said it! He knows us, he knows what gets us moving and what doesn't. Like a parent disciplining their child, they know what is effective and what isn’t. They know what consequence to provide to get a clear message across.

Life knocks us down, we learn the hard way, and we keep striving for better.

God teaches us a lesson, we learn from our mistakes, and we know better for next time.

He is the ultimate WAYMAKER, promise keeper, miracle worker, and everything in between. So let it go, give it up, stop stressing, and enjoy this thing called life to the absolute fullest!

**AFTER we are all cleared to go outside**

Stay safe folks and fret not, our Waymaker has got us covered.

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