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Winning is so lovely; it feels damn good!

Seeing all that hard work pay off when you pass that test you studied so hard for, or when you finally break free from that toxic relationship that weighed you down; you find new freedom. You realize just how capable you are when you put in the work.

It feels like the perfect beach day.

The warm sun on your face, light breeze, cool blue waters, and your signature beverage.

It feels like a winter evening. Warm and toasty by the fire, snuggled with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows (can't forget the marshmallows).

It feels like being cuddled up in your lover person's arms, fully immersed in a great book, wrapped in love and intimacy.

Victory is pure joy and bliss deep down within, the kind of joy that makes you feel untouchable, invincible, on top of the world!

True happiness. Not the fake kind of euphoria you feel from booze or stimulants providing you with the false sense of fulfillment, but the real kind. The one you get from working out or completing your goals. It is pure, genuine. The kind of high you want to stay on forever.

Savor your sweet victory, for the lows, the trials, the work, make the victory that much sweeter.

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