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"Two Can Play That Game"

Quick Synopsis: Ken from the famous YouTube star couple Ken and De'arra was caught on video cheating on his now fiance De’arra. Since the news broke, social media went into a frenzy.

Now, all I have to say is, Ken can cheat on De'arra, Future can cheat on all upteen-elem of his females, hell, Jay-Z can cheat on Beyonce, but you will NOT cheat on me!

It's easy to fall in love with an internet couple and their antics. Wanting to see their love and watch their journey. I am no hater and I am here for love, but for me to give up on love or feel some type of way for their downfalls? Not a chance.

When will we stop glorifying these social media couples and putting them on pedestals?

Think about the rest of the glacier under the water instead of just the surface for a second. No relationship no matter how glorious it may seem is easy. We all want our Russell, we all want that happily ever after, but there is hard work that comes behind that happily ever after. There is the not so fun stuff that comes behind the smile and the happiness. Giving your complete self to someone is sacrificing yourself. That means sometimes doing for the other more than oneself for the sake of the relationship. It's hard daily work, and that work isn't shown on the internet, but the glitz and glamour is.

Ladies and gents, we all make mistakes, and even the most sanctified and righteous trips up. Unfortunately, their dirty laundry is public knowledge. However, don't think you have to settle for cheating because of those who can't do right by their women thinking no one else will, and “there's no hope for the rest of us”. No ma'am no ham! Cheating is NOT the standard and NEVER will be. I want more for us kings and queens. There is true and genuine love out there! And not the ones that are built off youtube sales and clout, but a solid God guided foundation, so when all the noise comes in, the seasons change, and the trials of life try to wash that love away, you can withstand the test of time.

Temptations come, we are all human. Being monogamous is a choice. A constant daily battle to choose to be committed to ONE person, and if you decide you no longer want to follow that decision, then you need to communicate and find your way out. No one can say they have been 100% happy in a relationship and cheated, it doesn't work like that, there had to be a lack somewhere.

It can be hard to separate imagery from reality at times, but here's a friendly reminder that we are not lowering our standards because we see the faults of these people. And that's it, they are just people… just people with more income and notoriety, but still just people nonetheless. Don't let the actions of another man make you settle for less than what you deserve. Yeah, your crown may slip, but never let it fall. Know your worth then add tax!

So no, don't love me good and lie to me and no you cannot just have me for the weekends!

We are choosing ourselves FIRST kings and queens, and if your significant other can’t also choose you FIRST, then make the decision for them...or two can play that game ;)

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