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Story of She Pt: 2

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Story of She Part 2

Written by Rosie Basquin

Lacy got in and Lacy hurt her. She saw it coming yet ignored her intuitions. The hardest kind of healing is when you know better and you still end up in the situation anyway. She hated herself for months, cried for weeks. Healing was slow and painful. She relived the moment, relived the times. How something so innocent went to sour so quickly. One drink too much, one blacked-out night, one fuzzy morning.

She trusted Lacy to care for her, but Lacy took advantage.

She hurt, she healed.

It took time to get out of that place, to feel whole again.

She began to run; it caused great stress to her body. The pain she was trying to hide in herself she felt expelled through the balls of her feet and in the soreness of her muscles. She was looking for a healer, a savior, someone to swoop in and rescue her discarded soul.

This is not a fairytale, and life is not a movie.

She knew she needed to be her own hero; she wasn’t broken, she was bruised, and all bruises heal. From black to purple, purple to brown, all bruises heal. They heal so much so they become unrecognizable, a new stronger skin formed.

In order to heal, you must first endure the pain.


An innocent hang out was where it all started. The “neighborhood watch” party. The watch party consisted of a group of residents who always seemed to cross each other in the halls. Cindy from 2B, John from 4C, Kaitlyn and her best friend Kim from 6G, and Mike from 7A. A fairly odd group of middle-aged singles, just trying to find their way. Occasionally Pedro would stop in, gave his two cents then proceed to leave. The group wasn’t much of his scene.

She enjoyed hanging out with her newfound group of resident friends. Over many walks to the mailbox or the dumpster, they developed their own elite group, “ The Neighborhood Watch”. The only way they were allowed to hang out in the lobby after hours was for a public service reason, and Pedro was able to make the spin with the complex manager.

Anything for her.

This “meeting” was like no other: spiked punch and paper joints in full rotation. Laughter filled the room and music blared; like any other meeting, nothing productive was happening, just booze and boobs, card games, and music.

Pedro never made it a point to stay long at the watch parties. Scoring them the gig was one thing, but he couldn’t be associated with the shenanigans. However, he did like to see her in her element. She was free, happy, her eyes, her smile, she was perfect.

Pedro did his due diligence to be present but not too persistent, he did not want to ruin his chances, he had to consider the long game.

Even with that mindset, the days grew long and Pedro’s patience grew short. Day after day, denied advances. She grew distant and her presence began to fade. He was losing his opportunity, he’d be damned if he had to wait any longer! Fury began to rage and Lucifer sang loud in his ear.

Like any other neighborhood watch party on a Saturday evening, Kanye West rapped hymns in the background while the smell of tobacco and alcohol quickly filled the air. This particular meeting, however, Pedro wanted to sit in on the fun. No longer observing from a distance, he decided to get up close, hang out, enjoy the ambiance.

She was enjoying herself, enjoying her friends, yet anxiety began to creep in. She needed a moment to herself, so she slipped away. She closed her eyes, and time stood still. Take deep breaths,…out.

Tense, the hairs on the back of her neck stood tall. Frozen, fear rushed over her. She was no longer alone, startled.

He pressed up against her waist, drawing her in. A whisper in her ear, “you’re safe.” He brushed his hand through her hair.

She quickly tried to pull away, thrusting her around, she winced in pain.

He did not let go.

They heard her cries, yet they laughed louder. They heard the pain and desperation in her voice but they continued to sing the songs. Ignoring what they could clearly see, there was nothing to be done, why ruin the fun.

Fear and anger crippled her body, she was no longer safe, she was alone.

The music grew louder to block out noise.

Ripping the buttons on her shirt open, revealing her supple breasts. Exposed, vulnerable, he took pleasure in her pain. Ignoring her cries, he took her in his hands, his mouth cupping her lips. His tongue slipped inside, she tried to fight, he was strong. His size is no comparison to hers; her efforts, hopeless.

His fingers shoved deep inside, he watched her cry, feeling her pain.

She oozed sadness and regret.

He prided in his treasure, the prize he deserved. This was his only moment, and if not now then when. He waited so long for this moment, of course, she would be scared.

Those tears are of happiness, the emotions are overwhelming. She wanted this, she wanted me.

Her heart heavy, her soul cried. Cold and numb, eyes glued shut, asking why? What has she done to be forsaken? Deep sorrow engulfed her as she lie there awake, feeling every touch.

Unable to move, unable to speak, her world came crashing down.

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