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Spades of Life

I'm learning the cards you're dealt in this thing called life isn’t always the winning hand, but even without a winning hand, you can still win the game.

Think of life as a game of Spades. A black card that I only just recently possessed. At the game table, there is no room for childish banter; you play to win. Spades is like a right of passage in the black community, a game I thoroughly enjoy. This card game is full of wit and advantages but fortunately doesn't require many skills. Once you've learned the foundation/basics, you're ready to go.

Like any game, attitude is everything. How you play, and the demeanor you have with the cards you are dealt is very important. If you fuss or blame the dealer of cheating before the game has even begun, you've shown your hand. It'll be easier to collect your winnings throughout the game because your opponent now knows you have been dealt with a bad hand. The opposing side can get you while you're down; so it’s imperative to remain neutral and composed, guard your weakness, keep your opponent guessing.

In the game of Spades, you play with a partner to defeat the opposite duo. Now with selecting your partner in this game, you must choose wisely. There are two kinds of players: The Master of Disguise and The Silent Killer. Both partners promise great winnings, but only one's word holds true. The Master of Disguise promises you wins and is confident in his level of skill. He speaks highly of himself. Boastful, prideful, but he has the riches to show for it. Then there's The Silent Killer, the one you never saw coming. Poised and calm, cool and collected, his demeanor makes you weary of his skill, but he knows the game better than anyone else. The Silent Killer is just that, silent. He doesn't need to TRY and convince anyone--just sit back and watch, he knows what he’s doing. Now keep in mind, who you decide as your partner can make or break the game.

The strategy here is to truly know and understand your partner. Being able to read them and their nonverbal cues. Once the game begins, you cannot talk across the table, so you rely on your gut and the blind trust that you put in your partner that they won't fold when the pressure is on. You work together to secure the win, when they go high you go low and vice versa. However, I must forewarn you, when playing this very serious very adult card game, your actions have consequences and can cost you the game. DON’T renig. You make a commitment or declare a stance, you stick with it, you cannot go back on your word. Going back on your word is like betraying the ultimate trust, and for that, you must pay the price - losing your winnings.

The great part of playing the Spades of Life, we already have a partner, and he is the ultimate partner. Our Silent Killer, we can always bet on him. Betting on him is risky though because you’re putting your trust in the unknown, praying you will gain the ultimate win. (Cheat code- you will, but you just have to trust him.) Now, there's also The Master of Disguise, he will give you instant winnings, and satisfaction, you will hold the game table crown, but only for so long. His schemes of the table, forcing you out of your strong hand, quickly gaining books, will only go but so far. Cheats or schemers never win in the end, savor the temporary moments because the Master of Disguise may take home a few rounds, but he will never win the game. Remember, the Spades of Life belongs to The Silent Killer, he knows the game, trust him, he knows what he’s doing.

If you're still learning the game of Spades, trying to make sense of it all, keep a positive attitude. Enjoy the game and the experiences it brings. Wins and losses aside, stay committed to learning the game and improving your skills, you can only get better if you keep playing.

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