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"Keep the Faith, Baby!"

Life moves at you so fast and you never know when a moment will be your last. Embrace every day because everything can change in a split second. Be mindful of what you put out into this world because it always comes back to you one way or another. It is mind-boggling to see how the world goes round and we continue to evolve over time. It is mind-boggling to know that someone created this perfect chaotic structure that somehow works together in perfect harmony to keep us going and to keep the evolution of the world moving. And in all that mass chaos and moving parts, there is a Creator who knows and sees us. A Creator who has a personal relationship with every single one of us; how we choose to grow or nurture that relationship is what makes a difference-- a true difference.

It amazes me how there is a God in heaven who loves and sees me through all of life's seasons. Even at my worst when I fall short, he uses my shortcomings to show me that he is still faithful. He will take my mess and still use it, turn my ragged clothes to the finest of linens, turn my nothing into something.

In my own life, I can say I fall short. I allow distractions to get the best of me and my own ego trips me up. I listen to the temporary fleeting emotions of happiness instead of looking deep within and repairing the hurt little girl inside dying to have a voice. Dying to be noticed and seen. The thing is, you don't have to try to be anything because 10/10 people see you, they just don't say anything. So I've learned to let my actions do the talking. Show people what I am capable of rather than telling them. The proof is in the pudding honey.

Do you not see this amazing world around us? I am sitting at my favorite spot by the lake enjoying a beautiful cloudy morning. Sitting on a dusty blue bench peering into the murky skies, enjoying the flies circling before me and the birds dancing above the water. The wind brushes my face and I breathe in the life that continues to run through my veins. I write dancing because this is just too perfect. And in these moments I am thankful, I am grateful, and I am hopeful.

But even when life doesn't feel like those blissful days, I have to be aware that even in the midst of my sadness or unsureness, there is a set path and plan for me, I just have to be willing to let go of my inhibitions and self-limiting beliefs and pursue something greater. In order to fully step into your purpose, you have to submit and surrender to the old ways of thinking. It seems easy in theory, but letting go and being stripped from everything that has sheltered you up until now is the hardest part. Healing that inner child within you and teaching them there is a new way and a new light and you don't have to stay stuck in those old cycles. I used to think once I declared I was ready to be made new, that was it and suddenly there would be a shift, and every day I would walk in this new light and be this renewed version of me. But no, in reality, once you declare you are ready, from that point on every day you wake up, you need to do the work and make conscious decisions to walk in this better path and do whatever it takes. In every moment you consciously make the tough decisions to not go back because you are more focused on and ready for what's ahead. An everyday challenge that reaps a bounty of rewards if you just stay consistent.

I used to fear the future and what is to come. I used to fear the unknown and making mistakes. I used to have the greatest fear of failing, thinking perfection was required of me (by whom? I don't know lol). But in this journey of writing and blogging, (ultimately my journey of healing) I have accepted all that it comes with. I have slipped up many times and I am sure I will continue to slip up. I've broken promises to myself, made excuses, not trusted my intuition, focused on the wrong things, it's all a part of being a novice. You keep going and keep failing. But continue to improve, for you will only get better with time.

Our Divine Creator who weaved together this world and all of the people in it will do personal miracles in your life if you stay consistent and trust him. He will make your nothings grow into the most beautiful somethings. What started so small, just thought, a planted seed, wwo years later here I am on my throne, owner of a publishing company. She will go so far. This is just the beginning! I see success, I see redemption. It's been a long road but I'm ready for all that is to come.

I want to tell the world to follow their dreams, accomplish their goals, and give all praises to the Most High because without him and his beautiful masterful plan none of this would be possible. He is with you even in the darkest of seasons. He will show you through the way if you just listen. Listen to the still small voice that tells you, that warns you. Instant gratification and temporary emotions will not get you to the promised land, but hard work and consistency will. Take care of yourself mentally and physically, self-reflect, meditate and look within. Know that with the very little that you have, he will make it into something more than you could ever imagine.

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