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How to Stay Up When You're Down

Let's keep this a buck. It's a hard time for all of us, but that doesn't mean you quit.

Fix your crown!

Get out of that “Cinderella, damsel in distress, a knight in shining armor will come to rescue me” mindset. Get out of that “Mama's boy, my girl will take care of me, I need to be validated by society so I can feel worthy” mindset.

Let that hurt go!

The thing about dark times and low places, they make us desperate. It traps us in a corner and there is no way out but up, so you have to keep climbing back up. In a weird way, heartache and pain have the ability to propel you forward into your next step. Dealing with that pain is what is difficult. The willpower to keep climbing and fighting past the currents, to not give in to our fears and doubts, and all the surrounding noise. It's no easy feat, it's a daily battle, and even the strongest of soldiers feel weary, defeated, lost, and alone. It's okay to reach out for help and get the encouragement you need, but no one is going to save you, YOU have to do the inner work and let that hurt go.

The path to growth isn't a straight one, and success is made in the fine details. The small grind, daily mental motivation to get up and keep going. The drive to not let the woes of lack and other self-limitations hold you back. Listen to yourself and your intuition, this isn't the first storm and unfortunately, it won't be the last. You made it this far in your journey, so keep going! I know sometimes it can be hard finding our way out and to take that first step, so here's a little Friday fuel to keep pushing.

  1. Pour into yourself. Get into your craft, doing your favorite hobby. Don’t quite know what that is? Then brainstorm how you can add to your garden? What can you do that will bring you a sense of purpose and fulfillment? What brings you pure joy in those dry seasons? Once you know that, do it and pour into your craft and your passion.

  2. It's okay to cry! Shed them thug tears, it is OKAY! Feeling and working through those emotions is necessary and sometimes, the only thing you can do is cry. Cry, scream, shout, whatever, just let it out. You will feel so much better. The baggage isn't worth holding on to.

  3. Practice self-care. I took a hard hit realizing that self-care didn't just mean spending sprees, lit candles, and bubble baths. While the physical is important, self-care is also about the mental. Doing the inner work. Simply meditating, grounding, finding inner peace. Working out, getting that fresh air. Spending time with yourself and getting to know yourself.

  4. USE KIND WORDS! Words have power and the words you speak over your life speaks volumes of who you are as a person. I can be my own biggest critic, and doing so causes me to stomp on my own roses, and feel less than, in turn, I seek others for validation. No! Water your own roses, then you will need less external validation. Don’t rain on your own parade, we are all human and it's okay to stumble. Understand that you did your best and even though it's not working how you want, there is a lesson to be learned and you can always improve.

  5. Connect with your source. Even if you don't believe in a higher power, connecting with yourself even. Sitting and basking in your own solitude. Just slow down, come on home. Lay down your woes and transgressions. Write them, release them, ask God for help. Life is hard to do it alone and we don't have to. If you ask God to intervene he will. And no it's not going to be in the way YOU want, but it will be what you NEED. Parenting isn't easy and one of the hardest things is watching your child make those mistakes that could have been avoided but the reality is, the best lessons have to be learned through experiences. And in tough love, you have to watch your kids stumble sometimes and do nothing. Let them figure out their way. It'll make them stronger, and in growth and climbing up, you can only be stronger.

Reminder: Don’t get lost in the noise and forget God's promise. He made a covenant to you that He will love you and care for you, even in your darkest days. Even when you can't see it, He is making a way out of no way. He is setting things up in light years ahead so when you walk through that very door or make that very next step, your blessings will rain down. There is nothing sweeter or better than the love that God has for us, and the relationship He permits us to have with Him. In your dark season, remember to dig deep within. The facade of what's going on around you, and the misfortunes of what's happening in your face can be discouraging and daunting, but even in the darkness, you have to believe that God is with you. He hears you and sees you, He is with you. He wants you to seek him for solitude and peace. He will be your foundation and comfort and He will show you the way. You will see why He had to do what He did, to make you even better than who are you. No greater love.

Stay up and stay blessed guys! For this too shall pass.

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