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For Good

"All things are working for my good"

Anyone else a recovering perfectionist like myself? The need to be perfect and do things the “right” way the very first time, even though it’s something you’ve never done before? I say recovering because I have been actively trying to cut myself some slack. To not be so hard on myself and allow myself to learn and grow at a normal pace, and not some inhumane superhuman ability I clearly wish I had.

It can be so easy to let life events define who we are. If we are accomplishing our goals and succeeding monetarily with tangible riches, then we are winning. It's what gives us meaning or a sense of purpose in life. And when we suffer from losses and disappointments, we now feel inadequate and unworthy. We believe we failed because we couldn’t live up to a set standard or acquire a goal. However, those secular things really aren’t what defines us. Of course, goals are important to have and to strive for, but they do not make up our identity. Give yourself a break!

The very things that we are striving for are just that, things. In this lifetime, many people wander around this Earth trying to find their purpose. What is their role in life and how do they contribute to the large vast and an endless number of the human population. I know it can be hard to fathom, but every single one of us has a role to play. In your lifetime, this lifetime, whether you discover it or not, your duration of time on this Earth is not meaningless. To live the life you are living is a privilege and a gift. You were placed here at the right time to do exactly what you are doing. Stop worrying about what tomorrow holds and live for today. When we worry about tomorrow, we deprive ourselves of reaching our goals for the day.

Life is full of unknowns and the uncertainty of it all is scary. Lord knows I wish there was a map or a guided tour through life! And when the going gets tough, we find ourselves sulking in pity or losing all hope and motivation, praying someone is going to swoop in and save us and make everything okay. We expect some miracle or some big move when we are in these trenches. Many times, people see God like that. As a Big Man who is never going to let his children be hurt by life’s lessons, and if we are going through pain then that must mean He’s “not good”. But that is not how God works, true bosses and real power moves in silence. It’s the little blessings and the will to keep grinding that aid us to elevate to new heights. Through His teachings of hardship, we are molded to be stronger and better for tomorrow. Stay true to the belief that all things happen for our good. For a better and greater purpose, to pick back up and keep going, making us ready for the new battles ahead. Imagine, if we were going through life with the same old mindset as our younger selves? Hence the saying “Thank God for growth”, the trials and tribulations of our life grow and stretch us so our mindsets change and we can be better for our future.

Every person has a purpose. Don't let the misfortunes of this year or even the past define who you are. Rise above the noise, and believe in yourself! Trust the process, it is all going to be worth it one way or another. Every action has an effect and it's a never-ending cycle. You were sent here for a reason. Keep striving to be the best version of yourself, seek light, love forgiveness, hope, peace, humbleness, and self-control. With these fruits of the spirit, you can conquer all you set your mind to.

In addition, also remember, comparison is the thief of joy! We were all sent to play our part and we all have our time and seasons. Seasons of harvest, of drought, of tending to the garden and putting in the labor. It all takes time, anything good worth having takes time. Be grateful for the little things, the gift of life, the gift of now, to experience the journey of life and the miracles, signs, and wonders it has in store if you just keep pressing and pushing through. Sending you all love & light this weekend and remain hopeful, for this will all be for good.

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