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Drive the Boat- Go Vote!

Anyone else despises being a passenger in a car? I would just rather drive!

Think about it, the person who drives typically dictates the evening. When to arrive, when to leave, what music is being played, solely operating on the drivers' schedule! And the worst part? When the driver wants to start acting like a know-it-all and not listen. I mean, GPS says the left turn should have been made 5 minutes ago, but the driver says, “I’ve got this, I don't need GPS” or “I know where I am going, just relax.” Now, you're in the middle of unknown shortcuts and back roads, telling yourself everything is going to be fine even though that knot in your stomach says otherwise.

Now, I don't know who is the captain sailing the year 2020 ship, but throw them overboard and let me drive the boat! (Respectfully)

The year 2020 thus far just feels like a giant sinking ship. From COVID wiping out millions, adjusting to a new normal, dealing with societal pressures, and then adding to this heaping bowl of “kitchen sink” it is an election year! Our country's leaders are the ones who should be navigating this ship and giving the people the reassurance we seek, but watching this political run, looks like we all don't know what we’re in for.

But, like many other hopeful and optimistic individuals, it's going to be okay right?

Think positive and positive will come, right? Law of Attraction 101.

I wonder what this last quarter of the year has for us. Will we make it to 2021 sane? Will our edges still be intact? Will we digress as a nation and society and step back centuries? Or will we progress and continue making necessary changes for a better and more inclusive future?

Whatever your beliefs or political positions in all this, if you want to aid in giving directions for our future (aka “driving the boat”) your voice needs to be heard. Your vote is your voice and we as people need to be voting! Vote for those who can’t vote, who wish they had the freedom and will to vote.

Honestly, friends, we can wish hope and pray all day long for the best but none of us have any clue what is to come, so all I am saying is buckle in! 2020 is full of surprises, and they just keep rollin’ on in.

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