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10 Things I Want to Accomplish in 2022

You meet a lot of people in life. You never know whether they are staying or going, however, it is known that you do not meet anyone by chance. Everything is destined, and just waiting for the right time before it can come to fruition. And even understanding that concept, when little miracles occur based on the people I encounter, I still become surprised. Something so meaningless and simple at the time can have such a profound effect on our future and our goals.

I attended a Women's Empowerment event back in March. They highlighted triumphant women within the community. Up early at the crack of dawn to ensure I was prepared for the event. With my bag of Easter gift boxes in tote, I had one thing in mind: sell these bins! Little did I know, I was walking into a miracle. I was entering my new season, and looking back today I now realize how much that event and that moment played a huge impact.

It was a cool day. The sun peeked over the clouds, and the wind bellowed through the trees. No paper paraphernalia could stand a chance in the bustering wind but the ladies and I pushed through. We danced and sang, gave God his glory, and each woman spoke about and presented their business. As the day continued, an ordained Evangelist spoke on the microphone and requested the audience's participation. We were to do a writing exercise. Write down a list of 10 things you wanted to accomplish this year. Now I have made lists and vision boards for myself often. I am a writer, so writing down my goals was nothing new to me. However, this time was different. She asked specific questions and guided us through our list. I was in a new place in my life. A new business owner amongst established women, not knowing whether to go right or left, but I do know I had a vision. All Rosie Writes & Publishing needed to be in the mouths of those women. I wanted people to know my name, see my passion, and simply buy these easter bins!

I sat there and pondered, truly pondered. As we have seen in these last few years, life is unpredictable and anything is possible. So I truly wanted to know, what 10 things did I want to accomplish? How would I go after these 10 things? What 10 things were in my immediate future that I wanted to attain? So on March 26th, I wrote down these 10 things:

1- Work full time in ARW&P & bring in a sustainable income -> work towards financial freedom.

2- Write TCBU movie script

3- Fund TCBU movement (turning it into an audiobook)

4- Publish Sumaya’s Adventures + Talia’s Workbook & they become best-sellers.

5- Find love, be happy, be fruitful (& multiply ;)

6- Travel (take a cruise in Oct.; More trips with friends)

7- Move out into own space

8- Voice Acting Career takes off #BookedandBusy

9- Publish another children’s book by me that is also a best-seller

10-Retain legal counsel, asst./ team to assist me in ARW&P affairs.

It hasn't even been a full 60 days and I've seen my life begin to mirror this list in so many ways it's almost scary. Me? My smile is bright, my heart is pure, but I've been through it the past few years. So to think I would actually reap what I've sown. I was down on my luck. Everything I thought I wanted to do after post-grad seemed to crumble. My foundation was unstable. I was still lost and figuring it out. I was going through the emotions, healing and forgiving myself for the past mistakes I made, starting over was scary. I had to reset and reevaluate. I had my doubts, as any normal human would. Is it worth it? Am I going to succeed? What if I fail? I don’t want to go broke. I don't want to struggle. But I also knew I didn't want to be where I was, feeling stuck and helpless.

So I did it. I took a leap of faith. I walked away from what was comfortable and I began to work. Not even a full 60 days later, my list is coming to fruition. Although this is just the beginning, and there is much to prepare for, I am so thankful. I am in awe. I am inspired. So I sing his praises. Loudly, proudly, and boldly. I have seen too much to not believe in his goodness and his wonders.

Pages of my Diary- May 12, 2022, 5:44 pm

God, I see you in so many ways. More than one. You are around us. You are omniscient. Forever moving, forever changing. You are miraculous. You are magnificent. You give us a fresh wind. I am so thankful and so grateful for this gift. For your presence. You are consistently showing yourself. I am gathered around your people. The ones you have ordained for me in my life. You are showing me that you are the one and the only and what you say is what goes. What you say is what it is. You are so perfect, in your craftsmanship. It is inspiring to see how you hold it all together. How you prove to us that you have been here all along doing everything you said you would do. You will prune us, you will clean us. Rescue us from the hand of the enemy and deliver us from evil. Nothing formed against your children will prosper. We are the chosen, the divine. To take up your mission here on earth. To show the way. You are the path, the light, and you are in me as I am in you. A million little miracles. Every day you reveal yourself to me. How awesome and faithful you are. How kind and loving you are. You are a giver. You are the heavenly father. You use the experiences we go through to build us up. To show us we can, and we will. You can comprehend. You guide my steps. You speak to me. You hear me, I hear you. Through you anything is possible. I love you more than you will ever know.

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